The original Crealock 37 design sets the standard for all of our current models:

"When setting out to design the Pacific Seacraft 37, I had the luxury of doing it for myself without obligation to builder or dealer. I did not have to pay homage to interiors festooned with bunks, or revered classic features, or long waterlines or short, or distorted ends. Shakespeare, I recall, said "there is a Destiny which shapes our ends". Well, the 37's ends could be shaped by her destiny, and if drawing them out a little gave her a little more grace and a longer sailing length, I was free to do so.

Let's face it, every builder of cruising boats claims that his product approaches the speed of light under way, sails straight into the wind, is built to smash ice, has a penthouse within it, and is sold by a non-profit organization.

In the school of open waters, however, one must be a little more realistic in one's requirements. I wanted speed, as we all do to some extent, but only if it could be achieved without the handling problems which beset many boats with the relatively short keel and skeg underbody. A great deal of time was therefore spent on the design of the keel, skeg and rudder, and it has been worthwhile. Owners report excellent steering and directional stability, even when surfing under very severe conditions.

We cannot discuss all the qualities of the true canoe stern, but when properly shaped and given sufficient overhang, it makes an efficient ending. Look upon the stern, too, as a potential bow; for when the weather is truly bad, it is the stern which will bear most of its venom.

The 37, then, is an attempt to provide the weekender and the cruising man with a boat which will travel fast between ports under complete control, and which will yet remind him that the passage itself should be one of the pleasures of the cruise."

W.I.B. Crealock