Pacific Seacraft 40

Outwardly, the Pacific Seacraft 40 closely resembles its larger and smaller sisters, but in fact each model in the line incorporates modification to the shape and refinements aimed mostly at improved performance and safety.

Specifications: PS 40
42' 2"
40' 2"
31' 3"
12' 5"
Draft - standard
6' 1"
Draft - shoal
5' 2"
Displacement (lbs)
Ballast (lbs)
Sail Area (sqFt)

The 40 retains the general form of split underbody with ventral fin between keel and large skeg. As before the primary aim throughout is ease of control by a small crew in bad conditions. My own belief is that one should not travel only to arrive: the passage itself should be relaxing and fun. We formed the underbody for this purpose, and we have had numerous reports from other boats in the line of surfing down waves in heavy weather at speed/length ratios of over 2 with easy control.

I also believe that speed on passage is quite different from speed round the buoys, and that a small crew should be able to sail an offshore cruiser to it’s full potential without exhaustion.

W.I.B. Crealock

- W.I.B. Crealock, designer


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Pacific Seacraft 40: Floor Plan
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Pacific Seacraft 40: Galley
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Pacific Seacraft 40: Salon
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Pacific Seacraft 40: Forward Cabin