Pacific Seacraft 34

Understanding the heritage and the philosophy behind the Pacific Seacraft 34 is relatively easy. You need look only as far as the Pacific Seacraft 37. Clearly a slightly smaller sister, the Pacific Seacraft 34 is a refined sibling which boasts the same seagoing capabilities, the same beauty and the same adherence to the control and comfort of her owner.

Indeed, control and comfort have been central to the entire design of the Pacific Seacraft 34. Hulls with easy overhangs make for fast and comfortable ocean passages. Owners report that her canoe stem enables her to maintain surfing speeds under complete control. Her underbody has earned a reputation for close windedness. And her balance under sail builds confidence – even in those who are not greatly experienced.

Specifications: PS 34
34' 1"
26' 3"
10' 0"
Draft - standard
4' 11"
Draft - shoal
4' 1"
Displacement (lbs)
Ballast (lbs)
Sail Area (sqFt)

And because man does not live on deck alone, the 34's interior provides a neat functional arrangement with efficient quarters for the cook, for the navigator and for all who demand comfortable living as well as excellent sailing. I have tried not to lose sight of the fact that owners of the Pacific Seacraft 34 will want to enjoy their boat – and that they may want to share their enjoyment with others.

From the quality of the laminate to the strength of the rudder to the hand rubbed teak joinery in the cabin, the Pacific Seacraft 34 will take you to sea with safety, efficiency and a touch of elegance. A Pacific Seacraft 37 owner described his yacht as a boat destined to become a classic. I believe that the 34 will follow in her big sister’s wake.

Once you see and sail her, I think you’ll share that view.

- W.I.B. Crealock, designer

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