about us now

What's our heading?

2008 marked a seminal turning point in the 30 year history of Pacific Seacraft.  That year my father, Reid Brodie III, and I were fortunate enough to purchase this company and begin to fulfill a lifelong dream for myself that I hope to pass along to my children. 

Along with the company assets we were fortunate enough to entice a hand-picked group of long time employees to relocate to North Carolina.  These include the overall production manager, mold shop manager, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical managers, touch-up and detail supervisor, several master carpenters and skilled trades-people. These people represent hundreds of years of experience building Pacific Seacraft boats. 

Rest assured that this beloved brand is in both capable and passionate hands.  I will do everything in my power to ensure the Pacific Seacraft name continues to represent quality craftsmanship.   While it is not the intent of Pacific Seacraft to rest on our laurels with respect to emerging technologies, it is our intent to get back to the core values that nurtured the loyal following that Pacific Seacraft still enjoys today.  Going forward, Pacific Seacraft will have as its primary focus the construction of a limited number of beautiful, traditional, and capable bluewater sailboats. 

It is with the utmost awe, that I ponder the fact that each boat leaving our facility represents someone's dreams of freedom and adventure.  I will do my absolute best to ensure that as we go forward Pacific Seacraft does everything in its power to fulfill those dreams in a fashion that exceeds expectations.

 - Stephen Brodie, Pacific Seacraft